Apply your heart to understanding

Proverbs 2 – May it seriously ‘rock’ us into a place where we are so hungry for the blessing of God on and through our lives that we radically re-position ourselves!

The poet writes in verse 3-4 “If you incline your ear to wisdom, apply your heart to understanding, cry out for discernment, lift up your voice for understanding, and search for God’s wisdom as for hidden treasure….THEN – YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THE FEAR OF THE LORD AND FIND THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD!!!!!”

Pretty aggressive, proactive stuff isn’t it?

It says also that discretion and understanding will keep us and protect us from doing unrighteous things; things which are out of character for the ‘real’ us that God designed.

It really challenged me about taking my destiny in God seriously and laying hold of that for which He laid hold of me.

I don’t want to let any circumstances or attitudes hold the favour of God’s favour hostage! In what areas do you need to start to think, believe and behave the way God says you can?

The best game plan is to be transformed (by the Word) and then to allow God’s ‘SUPER’ to flow everyday through our ‘Natural’.

We are believing for:

Understanding and discernment – For sensitivity to His voice and wisdom.
Let’s apply our heart to understanding.

Ps Michael Battersby