Proverbs 5:2-3

“That you may maintain discretion and your lips may preserve knowledge. For the lips of the adulteress drip honey, and her speech is smoother than oil.”

The context of this scripture is that evil things can have an effect like this kind of woman, in that they appear attractive but are evil and offensive to God.  We must obey God, and refuse to do evil things.

Verse 2 says “your lips may preserve knowledge” which is really saying we have the capacity to know what to say when temptation comes our way.

I would like to take this thought a step further; to let your mouth lead your life in good and bad time’s, not just times of temptation.

What has God spoken to you about your future through your bible reading, prayer and preaching?  What are you doing to see these things come to pass in your life?

Are these words from God treasured and reinforced through what you say or do you constantly speak negatively about your life and future?

Our testimony about our own life is so important.  Just read Revelation 12:11 where it say they overcame the devil because of “the word of their testimony”

Let’s be challenged today:

Guard your future by the confessions of your mouth.  Let your heart and mouth be full of faith, always believing for a great future!

God Bless

Pastor Linda Battersby