Doers, not hearers only

James 1:22 But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

As we look at the 60 days of purpose, this is a great reminder to search our hearts and let God speak to us about where He wants us to work on. During this time we have received many great blogs that give us insight into the heart of God. To attempt to do them all at one time would be foolish. However as we listen, God’s voice will guide us into the truth He wants us to concentrate on at this point in our journey. That way, we have a clear path to follow and know what we should be doing. Hearing is one thing, doing what God wants is the right thing. Everything else has the potential to be unnecessary pressure that leaves us feeling like we have failed.

So take the pressure down and enjoy hearing, doing and receiving all God has for us.

Our prayer: Create in me a clean heart oh Lord, that I may follow You in all Your ways. For, I know it is there that I will find Your purpose for my life and have great success.