All things work together for good…

Rom 8:28 –” And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

We have had the privilege this week of spending time with our Adelaide family and Edge Conference. What a great blessing it has been!

I just love the way God works things out. He is constantly working (often when we can’t see or know that He is) with the intention of bringing good things our way. This verse is not excluding anyone – if you love Jesus, you’ve been called by Him, and therefore He works in all things for your good! How incredible is that?! The hope that this scripture brings, the reassurance that it gives, is so life giving and energising. I feel so privileged to live with this kind of hope. Having a revelation of this hope makes life worth living everyday, whether you are in the midst of great circumstances, or you wish you were not where you are right now. Jesus truly is the Hope of the world.

We are believing that in this month (Healed and Whole) we are going to see the Hope of Christ bring life and wholeness to so many lives. Let’s believe for our family and friends to discover the Hope that is in Jesus.

Ps Rebekah Prosser


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