Don’t hide your eyes.

Proverbs 28:27 “Those who give to the poor will lack nothing”
So many times in Proverbs we see the contrast between the results of what God wants us to do in our lives with the consequences of living for self.
In this verse we see that our attitude to the poor, those who have not enough of what they need to flourish in life, affects the success of our own life. All through the scripture God directs us to remember the poor to look after them to protect them from abuse. To share with them what we already have.

We can do this by supporting programs overseas like Transform Cambodia and see amazing results in the form of changed lives, as a result of our generosity. We can also look to those around our own lives and own world. God tells us not to hide our eyes. Perhaps that’s a tendency we all have, to choose to believe that suffering through poverty is not close to us. God wants us to be willing to see things from His perspective and be motivated by His love for those less fortunate in our neighbourhoods and in our community.

Let’s be willing to listen and act when God shows opportunities to give to the poor and not hide our eyes.

God Bless,

Ps Jenny Fox


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