Proverbs 20:7
God loyal people living honest lives, make it much easier for their children.
A promise today for the parents.
At times, being consistent in raising our children in the ways of God seems difficult and tiring. The world has different values and contrary opinions on so many things.
We know that making choices for our family according to the word of God and in line with His character is the right thing to do, but sometimes even our kids don’t encourage us to continue. The scripture here lets us know that by our diligence, our consistency and our continued right choices we can actually make
life easier for our children. We want our children to succeed in every part of life, and to rise to heights beyond where we ourselves will reach.
The key here God tells us is in the way we live.
There are many benefits to doing things God’s way and this verse highlights just another one that, so we can remain focused and continue doing those good works.

Galatians 6:9 So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.

Pastor Jenny Fox



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