“The just shall live by faith” is a phrase that occurs four times in the Scriptures – once in the Old Testament and three times in the New.

Anyone could think that God really wants us to get the message that the life of following Him is not about rules, rituals or even principles but about a life of trusting Him and confidence in His Word!

Some people make faith all about mystery – “It comes and goes and no-one knows..”

Others make it about a formula – “Just do this or say this and it all happens..”

Of course, the truth is a combination of both these.

Faith is a thing of the Spirit, not mechanical or a function of our minds. But certainly people of faith have some things in common – a positive outlook, a belief in what He’s said regardless of the circumstances, their words in agreement with His Word.

I think of it like an aircraft landing strip – you may not be piloting the plane, but you can definitely prepare for it’s coming!

Watch your speech, guard your thoughts, keep your heart – build a life of faith!


Ps Geoff Woodward


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